Post Tribeca Ball, Pre MFA Open Studios, and Some New Work

By Ian Factor (MFA 2014)
Tribeca Ball was last week, and MFA Open Studios is this Friday, so the activities never end here at the Academy. What follows is a little assemblage of photos taken in and around the school over the last two weeks.

Only about a month left of class before the summer break, and I'm scrambling to get everything done ... seems like an impossibility at this point: five paintings and two presentations to do on top of everything else. The push is on.

I'm JUST getting into the sketches and studies that I plan to develop this summer and into next year as my Thesis work. In addition to all the class work I need to get done, I'll be trying to get a grasp on this new direction as well. So in my next entry I'll have more to report on that. I have one charcoal sketch below that represents the beginning of the beginning in this new direction.

In the meantime, I hope to see everyone at the Open Studios this Friday, Apr. 19th, from 6 to 9pm!!!

One of my newer pieces in progress:
"Crow Pose," 48" x 60" Oil
Detail of "Crow Pose"
Here's a working charcoal drawing of mine,
beginning the "movement" series.
30" x 22" Charcoal on Tan Canson Paper

My Palette

Sweet Graphite pencils! 
Alfred Rosenbluth, MFA 2013 
Zoe Suenson Taylor, MFA 2013
Wade Schuman and his band, Hazmat Modine, at Terra Blues.

JP Roy's Painting II Class Crit.

Sunlit studios
John Jacobsmeyer lectures during our composition class.
Ilsa Brittain (MFA 2014) with some casts.
Some of the casts.
Wade Schuman's "Man and Beast" class.

Roberto Osti drawing during the Tribeca Ball.

My studio prepped for the Ball. 
Models getting ready for the Ball

The night of the Ball: Music and art. 

Zoe Suenson Taylor, MFA 2013 at the Ball.
Cast and the stars.

Students working on Anatomy on a Sunday evening.

Katie Fogg, MFA 2014 working on Anatomy.
Ian Factor (MFA 2014) will be blogging here throughout the academic year about his first year at the Academy and moving to New York City. Check the label "First Year Experience" or "Ian Factor" for more posts about his first year at the Academy.

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  1. Great pictures, Ian! I'm loving the new "movement series" and your studio looks...very busy!! See you Friday night!