Michael Grimaldi Master Class

By Ian Factor (MFA 2014)

I attended the Master Class with New York-based oil painter
Michael Grimaldi on in the midst of trying to get caught up with all my homework, which seems to be a never-ending state here at the Academy. So when I have the opportunity to spend an entire weekend away from my studio (the weekends being the only solid time of the week I have to actually spend on my class assignments), it's a difficult decision. This was no exception. With the Tribeca Ball coming up and MFA Open Studios two weeks later, coupled with the intense amount of work I have to get done by end of semester, it was not a perfect weekend to spend doing something other than my own projects.

However, the Master Class proved to be totally worth the two days away from studio. Michael's teaching methods and communication skills are strong and clear, and his easy going approach made it a pleasure of a learning experience. He did two demos--one graphite drawing demo and one oil-on-canvas demo--and he also presented us with a PowerPoint presentation of his work and some of his processes.

Overall it was a great weekend, especially after the incredible stress of the previous week and my lack of energy after that Friday. The Academy continues to be a roller coaster of emotional and mental challenges, and though the weekend with Grimaldi wasn't exactly a vacation (we were there working 10-6 on Saturday and 12-6 on Sunday, and then I got back to my studio for the rest of the night till school closed), it was a positive and energizing reprise from the escalating intensity of the daily training at the Academy.

Below are some photos from the weekend. Hope you enjoy!

Michael's Drawing Demo, Day 1:
Students at work, Day 1:

My Value Sketches, Day 1:

Michael working with students:
Talking about value and temperature relationships.

Day 2:

My value sketches at the end of Day 1:

I started with a larger design on Day 2:
 Michael teaching through doing:

Michael demonstrates with oils.

My sketches on Day 2:

Thanks Michael!
Ian Factor (MFA 2014) will be blogging here throughout the academic year about his first year at the Academy and moving to New York City. Check the label "First Year Experience" or "Ian Factor" for more posts about his first year at the Academy.

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