Odd Nerdrum: "Marlowe"

Join us for a special reading of Odd Nerdrum's play, "Marlowe" Saturday, October 16, 5 pm.
"Set in a family home on the outskirts of a large coastal city, Marlowe examines the eternal human struggle between the sublime and the banal, the consequences of that struggle and ultimately one’s inability to live in an unpoetic world without beauty or imagination." - Greg Oliver Bodine, performer

detail from Self-Portrait as the Prophet of Painting, 1997
205,7 x 255,9 cm, oil on canvas

A stunning contemporary master, the Academy is honored to welcome Odd Nerdrum. Mr. Nerdrum will be conducting a Master Class for current students. Graduates of the Academy have studied with the reknowned painter, including Richard T. Scott, Robert Dale Williams, Chris Marshall, Fereidoun Ghaffari, Felicia Feldman, David Ransom, Halla Gunnarsd√≥ttir, and also former faculty member Brenda Zlamany.

Moderated audience Q & A with the playwright to follow. This presentation is free and open to the public, so join us!

Next up: Ross Bleckner, Tuesday, October 19
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