Eric Fischl: in Your Words

For the upcoming Take Home a Nude Art Auction & Party, the Academy is honoring a dear friend and amazing artist, Eric Fischl. Please share a story or memory about him here!
Photo by Joseph Maida, from "In the Studio: Eric Fischl" on ArtInfo


  1. One of my favorite quotes from Eric goes something like "saying the word nude sounds a lot sexier than saying the figure."

  2. Eric is a most generous lecturer at the Academy and always inspires the students. The sexy unlit cigar is just icing on the cake!

  3. The devil sold his soul to Eric Fischl

  4. Legend has it that long ago,
    Eric Fischl challenged Apollo to a music contest, and won.
    Apollo was so mad that he took out all his rage
    on the next challenger, Marsyas.

  5. I first met Eric many years ago when he was teaching at NSCAD in Halifax Nova Scotia and I was a very naive young feminist art student. We had a misunderstanding and well not wanting to go into details, we've both changed and I am so amazed at the person and artist he has become. Catherine Meyers