PreView: October Issues

Each month, the Academy library highlights articles, features, and reviews from the most current issues of our extensive periodical collection.
Check these out and then let us know what you think!

  • Gormley, Michael. "Painting Life: Galina Perova and the Portrait Society of America.” American Artist. (2010). 48-55.  A review of Galina Perova’s work, and a new look at portraiture from life.

  • Muchnic, Suzanne. A False Sense of Security.” ARTnews. (2010). 109:9. 90-93.  Even as artists embrace environmental practices, they ignore or remain uninformed about the toxic materials in their own studios.

  • Wilkin, Karen."Robert Taplin, Recent Narratives.” Sculpture. (2010). 29:8. 37-41.  A review of Academy faculty member Robert Taplin’s tableaux works.
Robert Taplin, Detail from Across the Dark Waters
(The River Acheron)
, 2007, wood, resin, plaster
and lights, 84 x 94 x 50 in.

  • Storr, Robert. “Reading Richter.” Art in America. (2010). 69-76. Three new books prompt critical praise and protest from the organizer of Gerhard Richter’s 2002 MOMA retrospective.

  • Princenthal, Nancy. “Sculpture in a Contracted Field.” Art in America. (2010). 165-169.  An exhibition of recent large-scale outdoor pieces by six young artists in New York’s City Hall park sparks an inquiry into the role of the figure in contemporary art and the function of public sculpture today.

  • Shields, David. Fred Tomaselli.” Interview. Bomb Magazine. (2010). 66-73.
    The influence of California counter-culture on Tomaselli's visionary paintings. 
Field Guides, 2003, photo collage, gouache, acrylic,
and resin on wood, 60×84 inches. Image courtesy of
Bomb Magazine and James Cohan Gallery, NY.

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