Art & Culture Lecture: Lisa Dennison

Tuesday, October 26, 7:30 pm

Lisa Dennison, Chair of Sotheby’s North and South America, interned at the Guggenheim Museum while in college, and returned in 1978 after completing graduate studies in art history. Working her way up over a 29 year career at the museum, she oversaw many important exhibitions, advised multi-billionaire collectors, developed a reputation as a leading fund-raiser, and became an expert in Contemporary Art. In 2005 she was named director of the Guggenheim Museum, a position she held for two years before moving to the for-profit world to work for Sotheby’s Auction House.

Click to read about Ms. Dennison in The New York Times.

All lectures are free and open to the public, bring a friend!
Next up: Ken Currie, Tuesday, November 2, 7:30pm

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  1. Dennison recently organized Divine Comedy at Sotheby's.
    30 September - 19 October, 2010

    Great site to Check out:

    Video and text with works by Bacon, Cotton, Brueghel, Cattelan, Condo, Koons, Kippenberger and more.

    Don't miss the video of Will Cotton, reading from The Divine Comedy, The Paradiso, Canto V.

  2. one mind, brute force, and full of money