Studio Shots: Ian Healy, Guno Park and Elena Rodz

Ian Healy (Painting, Class of 2011):
"I try to find ways to express pain and anguish in multiple depictions, primarily through animal forms, as people react differently to animals then humans. I try to see what can really evoke feelings of pain and emotion in people. In my work that incorporates human forms, I find the themes tend to be more personal."

Guno Park (Drawing, Class of 2011):
"I'm exploring my cognitive architecture as landscapes. Recalling childhood dreams and places I used to live, I'm using scratch boards as a medium to revisit an old past time and to reveal whats occupying my mind currently."

Elena Rodz (Painting, Class of 2011):
"My paintings are depictions of pure id creatures - running around the forest getting eaten by animals and making love in the moonlight."

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  1. Sure like to see Elena eaten by an animal, she looks yummy.