Studio Shots: Aleah Chapin, Holly Ann Sailors and Richie Fine

Aleah Chapin (Painting, Class of 2012):
"In this new work I want to be real and honest about the imperfect beauty of the human form. I want elegance and ugliness to co-exist so that the viewer questions which is which and it becomes both and neither simultaneously."

Holly Ann Sailors (Painting, Class of 2012):
"I am obsessed with pattern and the human figure. Tender, yet slightly macabre,
my artwork is beautifully haunted. By using vintage photography I am evoking memories of the past and creating a conversation with the present viewer."

Richie Fine (Painting, Class of 2012):
"My work strives to reflect the ridiculous nature of reality and in doing so attempts to bring laughter into the life of the viewer! Hope Y'all like it!"

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