Studio Shots: Cori Beardsley, Ramona Bradley, Nadene Grey Speer

Cori Beardsley (Sculpture, Class of 2011):

"Dance, hysteria, play and the love of form inspire my recent sculpture. I strive to express wild release and the polarities of joy and pain that are at that raw edge of emotion."

Ramona Bradley (Painting, Class of 2012):

"I paint what I want to paint. I don't usually understand it. It's more of a visceral feeling that drives me, you know from the gut, and sometimes it gets a little slimy."

Nadene Grey Speer (Painting, Class of 2012):

"As an artist my rustic upbringing comes through in my disposition towards raw canvas, stretched gut, embroidery, landscapes, suspicion of the slick, faith in natural beauty, desire for a diverse audience, and a need to show and see the artist's hand."

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  1. the sculpture
    Ramona, love the dear headed painting...