Days in Giverny

By Jiannan Wu (MFA 2016)

We have been in Giverny for one week, and I’d like to show you all the amazing things that have happened here. We live in a very convenient two-story house with a basement next to Monet’s Garden.

Living Room
The room I shared with Danial DaSilva (MFA2015)


Our studio is only one minute away from our house, which is very commodious.

When I was working

Sometimes we ride bicycles to get to the places where we did paintings.

It is very nice that we could go through Monet’s Garden anytime we wanted, especially after 6 pm when all the tourists have gone, and the garden is very peaceful and beautiful.

Miranda Fontaine, who works for Terra Foundation for American Art, is a very nice and generous lady. She prepared everything for us and guided us to many places we wanted to go.

Jan Huntley, head of Munn Artist & Volunteer Program, explained to us about the construction of Monet’s Garden.

Miranda and Jan are guiding us to the pond

Daniel is advancing bravely.

I am sketching

Nice view from the hill

Daniel Monet

He is exiting the farm after finishing painting

Dream Badminton Team

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  1. Great post, with beautiful photos. Monet would be so glad to see that his paintings continue to inspire students. Looks like it was a rewarding and unforgettable trip!