TRIBECA BALL TOP TEN (for artists-in-residence)

by Nicolas V. Sanchez (MFA 2013, Fellow 2014)

Tribeca Ball is an annual event produced by the Academy to showcase its stellar artists. The Academy invites a tremendous amount of people who are all eager to visit the school’s artists-in-residence and see all of their work.  As a student, you participate in the event by displaying your work for easy viewing or by simply just working in your studio like any other day. It's a great opportunity for emerging artists to gain experience in a social environment where your work is front and center.
As artists, we each have different goals, some of which may include meeting people, introducing your work, and possibly selling a piece or two. When asked by the Academy to give my top ten list of preparations and things to keep in mind during the days leading up to the Tribeca Ball, here is what I came up with...

1. Arrange your work. You can choose the "all over" salon style, the clean selected works gallery look, or somewhere in between. Think about your goals for the night and what arrangement will help your work shine. 

2. Clean up vs natural work space. Again, you don't have to go through all of the trouble of re-arranging your studio. Letting people in to your unique work space can be just as interesting and exciting as organizing and exhibiting your work. 

3. Be prepared. Have business cards, a sign-in book, your website updated, prices for your work (price list), and a pen. Always have a pen in hand. You look amazing with a pen. Preferably a ballpoint pen. 

4. Dress good to feel good – not to impress. If putting on a suit and tie or nice dress brings out the confident and outgoing side of you, then great! If not, just don't be scraggly. 

5. Practice your moonwalk before the event. Do whatever helps you shake off any sweaty, shaky, awkward nerves. I may or may not give an "impromptu" dance lesson before the event. Easy on the liquid spirits. 

6. Mi casa es su casa! Be a good host. Smile and welcome people into your studio. 

7. Be engaging. Don't be afraid to highlight your work or yourself to let people know a little something about you, especially if they are looking intently at your work. Speak up! A conversation starter could be, "I made that while on my residency in China.." or "Please buy that. I haven't eaten in 73 days." 

8. Don't start with the end in sight. Be open to any conversation about anything. It may turn into a great opportunity OR an incredibly interesting fun fact about their cat, either way, free yourself and the person you're talking to of any expectations or forced commitments.

9. Be yourself, not that other guy...unless that other guy is very sociable, positive, funny, smart, talented, incredibly good looking, and overall so much cooler than you, then yea...sorta, kinda, maybe be a little like that guy.

10. Your closer- "Thank you so much for stopping by my studio. Enjoy the rest of your night." Done.

There are many other helpful do's and don'ts for Tribeca Ball. If you want more specific help based on your work, your studio location, how to feel more comfortable meeting new people, make the night an overall positive experience, what pen looks great on you, dance moves, what hat to wear, and goat sounds to make, I will be available anytime leading up to the event to visit your studio. Holler! See you at the Ball!

To learn more about Nicolas V. Sanchez (MFA 2013, Fellow 2014) please stop into his studio on the second floor at the Academy.

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  1. Nicolas V. Sanchez's work ( every single piece, paintings and sketches ) is simply OUTSTANDING!