We were anxious!!! … and there was tons of work to do before, during and after Tribeca Ball. All the studios in the Academy and all the artists were sharp and ready for one of the most successful events in Tribeca. Right before the event started I was taken by a fear and a kind of insecurity. All of my works in my studio walls  were in progress and I had no idea about what to expect from the crowd.
Tribeca Ball attendee John Bowman visited my studio
A wave of agitation arose with every single step footstep and sounds of voices from the other end of the hall. Half an hour later it felt like a natural. I enjoyed the range of collectors and fresh responses inspired by my unfinished work.  For me it was a humble feeling.
We had journalists talking about art.  Teachers giving us a feedback about the work that we were showing and a line of guests waiting to listen what we have to say. All the artists worked very hard, it was beautiful to see everyone's works and being able to talk about our discoveries and conquering our first academic year.
It was an amazing success. Congratulations to the school for the awesome organization and the astonishing event!
My fellow classmate Eric Pedersen (MFA 2015) and I at the end of the evening
As we move closer to summer and the end of this semester, it will take couple of weeks to digest the storm of information that is just about to end.
Next up, I'll introduce you to more of my classmates and share their views from the studios.


Camila Rocha is the Academy's 2014 Social Media Scholar.  You can learn more about her and her work by visiting her website:  In the meanwhile you can find her musings about her first year experiences right here on the Academy's blog.

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