John Jacobsmeyer Interviewed and the Winter Moves Ahead

By Ian Factor (MFA 2014)

This week's blog is focused on an interview I did last week with John Jacobsmeyer, my instructor for Theory and Practice of Composition II and the chair of the Printmaking Department here at the Academy.

I'll be interviewing some of my instructors going forward to give a better idea of who I'm learning from and the principles I'm being exposed to. These interviews will be relatively brief, 10-20 minutes, and will focus on their educational backgrounds, their work and their teaching philosophies and methods.

Below I have included a few preliminary sketches for my class with John, working towards my Thesis ideas for next year. As my ideas and concepts solidify I'll be posting more progress work and final pieces.

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My Studio with an In-Progress Charcoal Sketch for a History Painting

Graphite sketch for upcoming portrait in Painting II.

Concept Charcoal Sketch for Composition II.

Concept Charcoal Sketch for Composition II.
Ian Factor (MFA 2014) will be blogging here throughout the academic year about his first year at the Academy and moving to New York City.  Check the label "First Year Experience" or "Ian Factor" for more posts about his first year at the Academy.

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