NYAA/Shanghai Univ./CAFA 2012 China Residency: FIRST LOOK

May 31 - Four Academy students arrived in China to start an 11-week Artist in Residence Program in Shanghai and later Beijing.  Cory Dixon (MFA 2013), Megan Ewert (MFA 2013), Kristy Gordon (MFA 2013), and Nicolas Sanchez (MFA 2013) will share their experiences here throughout the summer.  Below is the first of many posts from China, pardon us as we work through some technical difficulties as we them set-up.

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by Cory Dixon (MFA 2013)

(pardon the photos, we'll have better ones coming soon!)

Shanghai, China, Day 2:
Settling into Studios
Megan [Ewert, MFA 2013], Kristy [Gordon, MFA 2013], Nico [Sanchez, MFA 2013] and I arrived in Shanghai early Saturday morning where we were picked up from the airport by our guide Yi Wang. Since then Yi’s been guiding us through the process of getting set-up to live here. We settled into our new place, chose rooms, established an internet connection, explored our neighborhood, and experimented with food as much as possible considering we are unable to communicate without miming. 
A little grocery shopping upon arrival

In order to try and capture everything at the pace we are experiencing it, I’ve been shooting a lot of video. That’s taken a little longer to edit, but the slideshow  above here shows a few of the pictures I did take and some of the things in our neighborhood; the gate into our apartment complex, my makeshift fourposter bedroom that we divided off the living area (channels my inner nine year old princess), the view from our place reminiscent of Braque and Picassos red roofs, the hot pot buffet from Sunday dinner, a chilled raspberry sesame soup (ordered by mistake, but taster than what I intended to get), and a few of the sights from around our neighborhood [these photos will be added to future posts].

[the photos that accompany this post are taken by Yi Wang, more student photos will follow].
All these art supplies for $30!!!

Selecting bikes


  1. Haha they get bikes in china too.... I still think our bikes are better at the Spinnerei.