NYAA/Shanghai Univ./CAFA 2012 China Residency: Check back soon!

On May 31 Four Academy students arrived in China to start an 11-week Artist in Residence Program in Shanghai and later Beijing.  Cory Dixon (MFA 2013), Megan Ewert (MFA 2013), Kristy Gordon (MFA 2013), and Nicolas Sanchez (MFA 2013) will share their experiences here throughout the summer.

June 27, 2012 - By Nicolas Sanchez (MFA 2013)
We are working very hard/late to meet our deadline for the exhibition on the 30th so we will send a blog after our excursion to an ancient water town which is after we clean, pack our stuff, and move out of our apartment which is right after our exhibition. 

We have a full schedule, but I think that writing a blog after the water town excursion would be a perfect time to wrap up our time in Shanghai. 

I'm up to bat so although it will be a collective effort like Megan's blog, you will hear from yours truly.

Thanks again for checking up on us and we very much look forward to sharing our experiences so far with everyone!!!

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