Beijing Residency: Inspiration Right Around the Door

By Benjamin Craig (MFA 2016)

Inspiration is right around the door from my studio here at the Central Academy of Fine Art. I've spent a good deal of time walking around the CAFA Art Museum looking at the current exhibition. I find myself amazed by the wide variety of student work displaying the best of each department here at CAFA. I hope to go back once more before heading home to New York, because it's very inspirational to view the work of other students. This show definitely sets the bar high and gets me excited for my class’ graduation show next summer.

“The Start of A Long Journey – 2015 CAFA Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition” is the seventh round of the project which started from 2009.

As a major exhibition of the year, the exhibition features the selected works of 146 graduates of the master or bachelor’s degree from the School of Chinese Painting, School of Plastic Arts, School of Experimental Art, School of Design, School of Architecture, School of Urban Design and School of Humanities, through a strict academic assessment and careful selection. All participating students are highly innovative and curiosity, not only the graduates of CAFA, but also the hope for the future development in Chinese art circles. Through these works we can clearly see the current standards of teaching of CAFA, as well as the achievement of the stage.

“The Start of a Long Journey” has attempted to boldly breakthrough the traditional inner exhibition mode of an academy, after seven years of developments it has been successfully extended to the whole country, and becomes an important brand of academic exhibition of CAFA. 2015 is the first year for CAFA to bring about a comprehensive exhibition of “Graduation Season,” in a panoramic way it showcased the achievements by the graduates from all the disciplines at CAFA.

Text by Yu Ya, translated and edited by Sue/CAFA ART INFO

The following photos are of the CAFA Art Museum and current graduate show.

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