Carrara Residency, Part 2

By, Josh Henderson (MFA 2015)

Hey everyone! I’m not too keen on blogging in general, but Italy was awesome, and I’d like to share the carving process with you.

A common first step in sculpture is the creation of a model to work from.

In this case I shaped the clay from memory. This is a skill I learned from the amazing instructors at NYAA, a technique I’m still battling to become fluent with.

Once the clay has been modeled satisfactorily I drape wet fabric over it, the way you would if you wanted to keep the clay wet. Only instead I let it dry out to harden the fabric.

Once the initial cuts have been made the basic shape is visible. I continue roughing the stone out by finding major landmarks with the pointing machine.

At this point I move between taking points and carving from direct observation, making edits and corrections until I feel that it conveys my original intention.

I’m so grateful for another wonderful time spent in Carrara.

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