by Daniela Izaguirre (MFA 2016) and Jessica Leo (MFA 2015)

This semester’s Student Curatorial show "Monumental Marks" and "En Las Periferias/In the Peripheries" were composed of two concepts united by the sensitive trace of artists and moments of quietude. It featured a large drawing exhibition and an exhibition based on human indifference and intimacy. 

“Monumental Marks,” located on the third floor, allowed its viewers to experience the various languages of mark and line within the drawing medium.  Hatched lines of graphite accompany the velvety texture of blended charcoal line the wall. The intention of "Monumental Marks" was to demonstrate the beauty of the mark, while presenting drawing as a viable art form in which to create finished works. Both traditional and contemporary this show celebrated the grandeur side of drawing. 

“En la Periferias/In the Peripheries” was deliberately located on the second and fourth floor of the New York Academy, framing the drawings, to suggest another kind of periphery, that of human indifference. The art in this exhibit took many unique forms ranging from a pensive foggy landscape to a tender broken portrait. For this exhibition we wanted to let the art works speak to the viewer.   The work served as theater plays, finding in them the “seed” of the script, and letting them tell us of the inner conflict of the character and the need of a softer gaze.  

The Student Curatorial Committee hoped this short exhibition delighted
 the Academy community and accompanied them on these last cold days before the warmth of Spring.

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