A View From The Studios (Roll 2 / 2)

A View From The Studios

Roll 2 / 2

By Maya Koenig

The New York Academy of Art operates like a family home, with many bedrooms (studios), 
and living rooms (classrooms) where siblings (MFA students) spend a majority of their life for the 
next two years making their work. 

Here is a second glimpse of that world, taken with an Olympus OM-2 35mm film camera, 
and a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus (ISO 400) film.

Caleb Booth
MFA 2016

Tamalin Baumgarten
MFA 2015

Gabriel Zea
MFA 2015

Jaclyn Dooner
MFA 2015

Max Perkins
MFA 2015

Eric Pedersen
MFA 2015

Erich von Hasseln
MFA 2015

Alyssa Smith
MFA 2015

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