Camila's Take Home a Nude

If you have no idea what Take Home a Nude is and the importance of this event let me explain.  The Academy has many events throughout the year.  Take Home a Nude takes place at Sotheby's, a prominent auction house in Manhattan's Upper East Side and each year many artists and students donate their artwork for Take Home a Nude's silent auction.
Events like these are very important for the future of the school thanks to the supporters and the generosity of the artists.  We the students benefit from all the Academy has to offer.  Current students and alums donate their time and work as volunteers, too. If you see a red t-shirt around, that is one of us!

This year I had the opportunity to attend. The space was beautiful and the exhibited artwork was flawless.  
Talking with some of the New York Academy of Art's supporters and patrons made me realize how serious they were about seeing our development. I felt truly motivated by their interest in our success. During our conversation they expressed how amazing the artwork created by the students were and how proud they were to see such quality work in the auction.  It made me feel like I was talking with a family member.
Just a couple of minutes after the opening, the room was filled with celebrities, models, art collectors, personalities from the worlds of fashion and design.

From room to room the silent auction took place and was filled with exciting  moments before each hot lot closed. Each room had a few gallery sections, which were closing consecutively to their respective number, preceding the live auction.

The silent auction happened incredibly fast, and within a few hours all the walls started to be cleared, a sign of great success.   Certainly those pieces found a new home.

By the last hour some of the artwork by renown artists went for live auction.  This year we had works by Walton Ford, Cindy Sherman, Santi Moix.

I can't wait for the next event.  Its good to know as students the patrons and collectors have their eyes on us, watching our progress and looking for us to succeed.

Next post I will be introducing you to some of the Academy students and showing a little bit of the diversity the Academy has.


Camila Rocha (MFA 2015) will be blogging here throughout the year about her first year at the Academy and moving to New York City.  Check the label "First Year Experience" or "Camila Rocha" for more posts about her first year at the Academy.  If you have any questions for Camila, please leave them in the comments section of the blog. 

All photographs taken by Nolan Conway.

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