NYAA Leipzig International Artist Residency (LIA) 2012: Farewell Leipzig

On June 1, Four Academy students arrived in Liepzig, Germany to start an 8-week Artist in Residence Program.  Brian Dang (MFA 2013), Robert Fundis (MFA 2013), Elizabeth Glaessner (MFA 2013) and Noelle Timmons (MFA 2013) will share their experiences here throughout the summer.

By Brian Dang (MFA 2013) - Originally posted in God in the Gallery

When people ask me next semester how my time has been in Germany, I don’t think there’ll be words and time enough to explain how much I experienced this summer. I am still reflecting how my time there has influenced my work but in the meantime I know it has greatly influenced my life. 

I've made friends at the famous Spinnerei including artists who have permanent studios there to other international artists that hail from Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Australia, Poland, Croatia, France, and Mauritius (French Island off Madagascar).  Its good to know you have friends from other parts of the world if I ever visit their homeland and need a place to stay. I am going to miss Leipzig altogether, truly a great energy for artists to live and do their practice. Germany is a beautiful country I just wish I had experience more of it although I had visited many sites such as Documenta (13) at Kassel, Dresden, Berlin, and even to Nuremberg with Edgar Jerins to see the Albrecht Durer show.

Our little Leipzig family from NYAA had greatly bond and welcome all the challenges of living aboard. I think we are better for it relationally and I am glad to share this experience with them. Our show was a huge success I only wish I had taken more pictures of our opening night. Nearly 100 guests artists and collector alike came by to see what we had done.
Back of our Belgium artist friend Samuel with Edgar Jerins to Nuremberg to see the largest collection of Albrecht Durer's work assemble at Germanisches National Museum: "The Early Durer".

 Picture of me in the back of Samuel van to Nuremberg.

       Our Denmark artist friend Peter with David Schnell in front of his           
music score or topographical landscape painting.

The gang at David Schnell critique.

Elizabeth Glaessner with David Schnell critique.

My finished painting German Farming Deutschland. 130"x63". Oil on canvas.

           My money paintings on 3 5 euro bills from scenes of a movie I watched at LIA. 
         Peter Greenway's The  Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. 3"x5" Oil/Money.

 Samuel was our opening reception personal DJ 
standing in front of his painting installation.

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