NYAA Leipzig International Artist Residency (LIA) 2012: Influences in my work

On June 1 Four Academy students arrived in Liepzig, Germany to start an 8-week Artist in Residence Program.  Brian Dang (MFA 2013), Robert Fundis (MFA 2013), Elizabeth Glaessner (MFA 2013), and Noelle Timmons (MFA 2013) will share their experiences here throughout the summer. 

Time had gone by so quickly; I still can’t believe it has been a month so far at Leipzig. It makes me sad to count the days left of trip here in this crazy art town. I can’t describe how wonderful it is to be surround by the many artists that work here and make Leipzig their home.  

Brian with Neo Rauch (and his baby) in the Studio

The energy is positive and uplifting a great sense of an artistic community exists here that I can not compare to anywhere else I have been before. You see the same familiar faces at local drive bars and it is a great feeling to be greeted by many recognized figures in Germany—Neo Rauch, Dave Schnell, Steven Black, Christiane Baumgartner, etc. The culture has influenced my work here directly and indirectly. The biker town of Leipzig and green thumb of the city has woven into my work, incorporating nature with man-made objects. 

Liz and Noelle in Dresden
My consciousness is more awakened at how little I know about the world.  Seeing the rich cultural history of Germany from traveling to places like Dresden where the town has been rebuilt from WWII bombing and Berlin’s GDR era and reunification of the city.   

Brian at the Berlin Wall

I am so privileged to work with accomplish LIA artists from other countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland) and stay engaged in art dialogue. 

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