Tribeca Ball: From the inside

By Jonathan Beer, MFA 2012Artist,
Director, Blind Artists Society
Left to right: Richie Fine, Jessica Beck, Jon Beer, Kaitlyn Stubbs, Aleah Chapin, Lily Olive & Nic Holiber
Every spring the Academy puts together one of the most exclusive and exciting events of the year, TriBeCa Ball. Imagine an art opening, a cocktail party and a ball all rolled into one, and you've got TriBeCa Ball. The best part is that at the heart of the evening is our artwork. As a student its an incredibly rare chance to have your work viewed by so many people, many of them happen to be artists, collectors, actors and tastemakers from all over NY.

The school gets totally transformed in just a few short days before hand. Everyone seems to be involved with preparation and the excitement is palpable in the air. The walls are given a fresh coat of paint and every available spot taken to hang artwork. The studios become galleries for the evening and each floor becomes an exhibition space.The building gets turned upside down as students, staff, and decorators work to make the theme of the party come to life. 

The night finally arrives and the excitement keeps building as all the last minute details are attended to. 6 pm arrives in a heartbeat and the guests begin to roll up. The lobby is an ocean of people, all dressed in their finest.  After making it past the press the guests are brought throughout each floor, and they see just about every studio. Staff and alums circle on each floor to make sure that the students are having fun and that the guests are happy. 

Art is sold and connections are made, but that isn't the whole point of the night. It's also about having fun with all the people that make up the great community at the NYAA and about showing off the artwork you've lovingly labored on all year.  It's a great evening and one of the best perks of being part of the NYAA.

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