Deck the Walls 2011

By Amanda Scuglia, MFA 2013

Deck the Walls is a holiday themed party thrown by The Academy every year. It's the perfect chance to purchase small artworks from students, staff, faculty and alumni for a great price! This is a chance to score some really unique holiday gifts, or to start/add to your art collection. 

Buyers lined up at the door, anxiously awaiting access. When the doors opened, there was such an excitement and rush to see all the great work for sale. The walls were packed with nearly 350 pieces, but it didn't take long before they turned bare.  All of this, while painters and sculptors worked live from models. AND, the event was sponsored Heineken, and featured an open bar! 

As a first year student, it was my first time participating. I had so much fun, and I sold a piece! Here are some highlights from the evening. 

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