Not to Miss

A review by Maria Kozak, MFA 2011

Welcome back Everyone! School is in session and so is the fall season.

Tonight don't miss NYAA Senior Critic Vincent Desiderio's opening at Marlborough in Chelsea. This haunting new series of paintings explores the subtle, underlying context of the human experience through exquisite brushwork and a profound technical narrative.

Also opening in Chelsea, James Cohan is proud to present DANDAN, a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Tabaimo, who represented Japan in this year's Venice Biennale. Elaborate stage sets were built in the gallery to showcase her incredible hand drawn animations.

Uptown at Gagosian, go see NYAA Senior Critic and last year's Commencement speaker Jenny Saville's new show of life-size drawings and paintings exploring the renaissance theme of Madonna and child. Known for her lush, fleshy figures, this is Saville's first show in NY since 2003.

Afterwards head to the Lower East Side to Kleio Projects for a show curated by NYAA Alum Benjamin Martins and inspired by fellow alum Maud Taber-Thomas. Self Portrait As Monster Truck will feature a number talented Academy artists, past and present, with their interpretations of the title theme.

As for shows that have already opened don't miss the following;

Alex Katz at Gavin Brown. This is Katz's first show after leaving Pace Wildenstein for Gavin Brown. The show juxtaposes Katz's classic somber portraits with minimalist fields of flowers.

Do So Huh at Lehmann Maupin. Home Within Home is an array of installations and sculptural objects that all explore themes of cultural displacement. The centerpiece of the show is a scaled up apartment building 'dollhouse' where Suh lived in Rhode Island impaled with a model of his Korean home.

Nick Cave at Jack Shainman. A new series of Cave's meticulously covered figures in various vignettes exploring individualism, unity, fornication, memory, and the inheritance of personal identity.

Nicole Etienne at Sloan Fine Art. The NYAA Alum's show aptly titled A Movable Feast, features Etienne's glitter-filled, overexposed, multimedia interiors superimposed with lushly painted figures, flora, and fauna.

Pitch at RH Gallery in TriBeCa featuring South African artist Paul Edmonds. In this series of ethereal, abstract drawings Edmunds seeks to find a visual correspondence to music specifically in relation to pitch, tone, timbre and stereo.

The accompanying group show Melodymania, referencing a tune you can't get out of your head, includes NYAA Alum Panni Malekzadeh, Mickaline Thomas, Mathew Barney, Slater Bradley, and Bruce Nauman among others.

And last but not least, Stefanie Gutheil at Mike Weiss. Gutheil's paintings are vivid, large scale, maximalist combinations of characters, shapes, and patterns.

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  1. All the masterpieces I see here are impressive. The authors convey surrealistic ideas that are combined in a unique style. It is said that one picture is worth thousand words.These great names from the artistic frame associate with Yuri Mintskovsky another graduate from New York Academy of Art.