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Each month, Librarian & Archivist Holly Frisbee highlights articles, reviews, and interviews from the current issues of our periodical collection. Take a moment to check them out and let us know what you think!

Bo Bartlett
  • Anderson, Kristen. “Zero Hour: The Art of Jean-Pierre Roy.” Hi-Fructose. Jan 2011. 31-41. An interview with academy faculty Jean-Pierre Roy. Lots of pictures.

  • Gormley, Michael. “Bo Bartlett and the American Dream.American Artist. Mar/April 2011. 33-39. A look at Bo Bartlett’s most recent work.

  • Gregg, Gail. “Nothing like the Real Thing.ArtNews. Dec 2011. 68-71. After decades out of fashion, the practice of drawing from life models is growing in popularity.

    Jim Nutt

  • Hull, Richard. “Gladys Nilsson/ Jim Nutt.Bomb. Winter 2010. 50-59. Painter Richard Hull interviews the legendary couple at their home. They talk shop about the Hairy Who and Chicago Imagism, Bruegel, and El Greco.

  • Jenney, Neil, Kelley, Mike, et. al. “Six Views of Paul Thek.Artforum. Artforum invited six distinguished artists and writers to ruminate on Thek’s life and work. Paul Thek’s first retrospective, Diver, is currently on view at the Whitney.

    Judy Fox

  • Landi, Ann. “A Case of Caravaggiomania.ARTNews. Jan 2011. 101-105. The bad boy of Baroque is back in style with scholars, museumgoers, filmmakers, and even video artists.

  • Morgan, Eleanor. “John Baldessari.Believer. Dec 2010. 45-52. Things John Baldessari avoids at all costs: Repeating himself; Making art that’s a parody of his previous work; Throwing things in the trash.

  • Shull, Jodie A. “The World of Judy Fox: Power in Paradox.” Sculpture Review. Fall 2010. 12-15. A profile of Academy faculty member Judy Fox.

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  1. Six Views of Paul Thek in Artforum is a well written review and very informative. Thank you for this post!