Art & Culture Lecture: Alison Elizabeth Taylor

Tuesday, December 14, 7:30 pm
Security House, 2008-10, Wood veneer, shellac
93 X 122 inches

Join us for the last Art & Culture lecture, given by contemporary marquetry artist, Alison Elizabeth Taylor.  Well-known for reinvigorating the Renaissance craft of marquetry, or intarsia wood inlay, Taylor works in a medium once made popular during the unprecedented age of luxury of Louis XIV's Court of Versailles. By choosing a medium that is typically associated with wealth and power to portray dystopian scenes of everyday life, Taylor creates a tension between the luxurious connotations of the material and a certain abjectness of the subject matter.

All lectures are free and open to the public!
Stay tuned to the blog for upcoming lectures in Spring 2011 including Donald Kuspit, Elizabeth Sackler and Phoebe Hoban.
The NYAA Library suggests the following resources to prepare for the lecture.

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