Hilary Harkness: Notes from Studio Lockdown

The New York Academy of Art is pleased to introduce a new and ongoing bi-monthly series on this blog. Artist Hilary Harkness will be regularly posting "Notes from Studio Lockdown" as she prepares for her upcoming exhibition at Mary Boone Gallery in New York City. See below for her first "Note" and follow her on this blog as she pulls it all together!

detail from Iowa Class
I am going into exile to prepare for my show on May 5th, 2011 at Mary Boone Gallery, NYC. I have two paintings to complete, and time is running short! My posts on the Academy's blog will exist within the confines of this academic year only (2010-2011). Included in this series will be the following:
  • photo documentation from start to finish of each painting
  • technical information
  • links to videos interviews by an "innocent eye" - someone without an arts background - who asks me questions I might not think to answer otherwise
  • a tell-all account about painting on deadline - is survival possible?
  • time management tips for artists, or conversely, how to make painting as difficult as possible!
NYAA students, as you battle with your coursework and deadlines, you are not alone. I am with you in a parallel universe, coping with many of the same issues and willing to lend an ear. Because most professional artists guard their "secrets" and protect their privacy, I offer this documentation as something I had personally wished for while in school: a candid look over the shoulder of a practicing professional artist.

Yours very truly,
Hilary Harkness


  1. Amazingly generous of you! Looking forward to seeing the journey. Break a leg.