...to Paris to Giverny

Sketching during the train ride.
by Jason Sho Green (MFA 2011)
After a few days in Paris, most of the group met up at Gare Saint Lazare and took the train 45 minutes up to Giverny. We were greeted by some of the Terra Foundation staff who showed us to our new studios, houses, and bicycles. The staff has been lovely, helping us to locate everything from shellac to a nude model to butchered animals for still life painting. The facilities are far nicer than we could have imagined and some of the studios are separated from Monet's garden by just a stone wall. The large studio where four of us are working is gorgeous, as you can see.

Our studio at the Terra Foundation in Giverny
We had most of the afternoon and evening to set up our studios and explore, strolling down to the Seine, hiking up hills to check out plein air painting spots, and even finding some ostriches and kangaroos a few blocks away. This area is filled with unexpected inspiration. When the museum and garden close, we more or less have the village streets to ourselves. After sundown the only illumination outside is from the stars, which is quite a nice break from New York.

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