Direct from Deutschland: The Work!

by Aliene De Souza Howell (MFA 2011)
We are all making work to flesh out and inform our Thesis, which will commence this fall.

Ian has brought a sculptural sensibility to new media and has branched out into photography and video projection. He is transforming the feeling of trepidation he had upon moving to a more fringe New York neighborhood. Always sentient to his surroundings, Ian would look people in the eye to measure their intentions. He is manifesting this into a new series by taking ultra close up photos of people’s eyes from all walks of life to see what the viewer can judge from their eyes. 
Tyler is continuing two series already in progress at the Academy. His first series focuses on blown up and cropped images of dead flowers. These pieces are executed in velvety black and white charcoal challenging the ideas of macro and micro. His second series explores group portraiture and the palpable relationships between the figures themselves and theirs to the viewer. 

Rabecca is also continuing with a series that found its beginnings at the Academy. She is working on large-scale multi-figure parochial nudes and small-scale paintings of buildings around Leipzig.  

I am attempting something new which I have wanted to explore for some time and feel spurred on by the Leipzig school. I follow the news daily and am mournful for people across the world affected by the numerous recent natural disasters and have a strong desire to help but am bound to my own financial and professional obligations. So I am trying to convey this sense of disconnect from quotidian activities to these catastrophes.

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  1. Amazing how much the work has grown. Do you see this as a result of the environment or simply because you have time to focus?